Our Famous Clay Treatment

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“Acne can be one of the biggest challenges in skin care. LEROSETT® has been my favorite “go to” products when it comes to dealing with acne. All of my acne clients love it! Not only has it helped them clear their acne, but it also helps maintain healthy and clear skin. The natural, non-irritating formula can be used on all skin types and used during and after professional acne treatments! LEROSETT® is one of my highest recommended products!”

Acne Esthetician – Stephanie Becker – DERMA skincare Clinic, West Bend, WI.

Top acne experts and dermatologists have stated LEROSETT® Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask is the best product they have used for achieving clear skin.

Thousands of dermatologists, acne experts, acne clinics and millions of users have used LEROSETT® to achieve clear skin for over 30 years. 

LEROSETT® is an effective spot treatment and facial mask that can be used overnight, as needed and is hypoallergenic. Our proprietary organic clay helps clear pimples, ingrown hairs, tightens pores, detoxifies, cuts oil production, improves skin clarity & texture. Helps minimize inflammation, redness, infection and helps reduce scarring.

Naturally high levels of zinc within our clay treatment help to minimize oil production and boost proteins. Proteins that can help heal and protect against infection. LEROSETT® dries in minutes absorbing impurities, oils and pimple-causing clogs that help prevent future breakouts. Only a 1-millimeter thick layer of LEROSETT® is needed.

Made in Sweden Since 1987- 100% Organic with No added chemicals.  [Ler-o-sett]

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