Botanically Based Moisturizer

Oil-Free Formulated for problem skin.  Perfect for any skin type.


The right moisturizer can clear & heal your skin faster; the wrong moisturizer can cause multiple problems

Moisturizing is crucial to prevent future breakouts.  Pores have clogs from oils and impurities. These clogs backup oils and cause future breakouts. Using treatments like the LEROSETT® Acne Cleanser or the Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask (Clay Treatment) can absorb these clogs helping to prevent future breakouts. Moisturizing is vital to re-hydrate the skin after every treatment.

Using a hand lotion will negate what the cleanser and clay have done. Any moisturizer containing oils, petrolatum or other pore cloggers will make it difficult to stop the next pimple cycle. Healing is even more crucial. If the main ingredient is water, then most the product is water and doesn’t help heal, or add to your skin.

Developed in Sweden the LEROSETT® Moisture Matte and Healing Serum are both soothing, oil-free and help to heal while adding the nutrients needed to get clear. Hydration comes from over 65% of our unique organic aloe, and multiple botanicals not oil or petroleum. Leaving a clean, lightweight, non-greasy feel thats quickly absorbed by the skin.