Botanically Based Cleansing

Medicated or Non-Medicated

The synergistic blend of Lerosett acne cleanser and the oil absorbing and nourishing Lerosett clay treatment prove to be powerful at acne lesion prevention and healing. The Lerosett moisture matte gives just enough hydration without adding a greasy feel. My acne clients have benefitted greatly from the addition of Lerosett products to both my skincare center locations”

Owner & Esthetician 24-year esthetic veteran – Ronda Castillo – SpaBlue, Center, Spokane, WA.

When it comes to cleansing and toning, LEROSETT® Acne Cleansers and Face Washes are in a class of their own; they’re plant-based and oil-free. With our unique 100% organic aloe as the main ingredient there is less drying, increased healing with nutrients that minimize swelling, and redness. Each bottle has over 150 facial applications.

Results and Reviews of Organic LEROSETT® Users

Emily W.

"I had gotten used to living with acne, everything I used did nothing and the dermatologist only had antibiotics. I found Lerosett and they helped me with a clinical trial. I used the acne kit and a lot of clay masks. I could not believe my skin was clearing and looking better. I couldn’t understand either, what Lerosett? It has to be that its healing plant-based products and organic clay that cleared my skin."

Kate K.

"I suffered with acne for three years. It started out with small outbreaks, then became cystic acne. Gunilla of Sweden products worked well and did not harm my skin like other products I have tried. The products have been great, and the support we received has been amazing. Gunilla of Sweden products have made a positive influence on my life because they gave me clearer and fresh feeling skin. I can go in public without makeup! I would recommend these products to others who suffer from acne!"

Eliza B.

"I love that Lerosett is organic and no harsh products on my face! The LEROSETT® line of products worked to clear my skin from deep within my pores. I’m no longer experiencing painful cysts. I have a routine that I can count on to clear up my skin. I would recommend Lerosett products to people who suffer acne! Team Gunilla provides you with a supportive team of estheticians who work with you to figure out a regimen that works best for you."

David M.

The treatments have really improved my skin texture. I can see so many positive changes since using Lerosett for acne! My skin is now softer and smoother, and less oily without it being dry. Thank you so much for helping me out with my outbreaks.

Jessica G.

"Gunilla of Sweden products differ from other products in the simplest way; they work. I have suffered from acne for six years. You could probably imagine all the products I went through. These are the best products I ever tried with very amazing people ready and willing to help and answer questions. I don't know what else to say. Basically, this stuff works and I love it."

Brittany B.

I would recommend anyone suffering with acne to try these products. It is better for the skin and body to use natural products, and Gunilla offers great customer service. They really care about their clients.

Jared C.

Gunilla of Sweden products feel different on my face and they don't burn like other medicines I have tried. I feel like this had been an amazing opportunity. I believe this is the best way to clear acne and whoever suffers from it should use it!

Cynthia J.

"Before using LEROSETT® I tried everything, which didn't work and my face eventually got really bad. Thankfully, when I found LEROSETT® my skin began to improve and clear like it never had before. I love the products and my face looks so much better now I sometimes go without makeup. I will be using these products forever and recommend them to anyone suffering from acne!"

Melissa W.

"I could never say in the past I have felt happy about my face. I've had severe acne since I was 13 years old. I'm blessed to have discovered LEROSETT®. There is NO other product I would recommend to anyone who suffers from acne. The only thing I would recommend is LEROSETT®."

Karyn M.

"I was pessimistic because my skin went through purging for a few weeks. The products were gentle compared to acne treatments I have used in the past. I feel more confident and would absolutely recommend LEROSETT® to other acne sufferers."

Allison R.

"I've taken prescription medications, used many face washes and done chemical peels. But none of them were made with aloe or organic. I know these products are what I will keep using. Gunilla of Sweden has helped me these past months. Those looking for a legitimate product that has helped, LEROSETT® is definitely one to try."

Garrett A.

With a busy schedule including many hours in the pool, Garrett was still able to commit to the recommended daily regimen and get clear skin. "Using LEROSETT® was the first time I was given a regimen to follow. Gunilla of Sweden has changed the way that I look at myself. The difference in the amount and severity of acne is insane and I couldn't appreciate it more!"

Kele W

"I originally made a YouTube video because of LEROSETT®, I was so amazed at how well LEROSETT® worked. I had acne since the seventh grade and now I'm finally clear but LEROSETT® did what NOTHING else could, clear my skin." (See video on user video page)

Chris N.

"I tried dozens of brands and was upset to learn that most all are the same, especially after spending so much I didn't trust acne brands anymore. Every one had water and Benzoyl Peroxide or water and Salicylic Acid or all three, the worse combination. I wanted something different. I now know it's the ingredient quality and acne expertise at Gunilla's customer service that got me clear!"

Seth N.

"After years of severe acne, I’m finally able to go to work and not worry about how my face looks. I’m not always worrying about what people think when I go out. Using LEROSETT® my skin just got better and better and kept getting better. LEROSETT® is the best acne product I have used and will ever use, period! I AM AMAZED THANK YOU LEROSETT®!!!"

Arlene T

"I am super happy with the results! I feel like my skin is looking just so much better. I don't even wear makeup on my t-zone anymore, just my cheeks - and there, lightly. I will definitely be using LEROSETT® and Gunilla of Sweden products for life, the results incredibly impress me."

*Individual results may vary per skin condition-Click Image to Zoom