Our Special Hydroponic Greenhouse-Grown 100% Organic Aloe Vera

Our Super Aloe Vera

Over thirty years ago, we began using aloe as the medium to better infuse our science-based active ingredients into the skin. We learned that skin accepted active ingredients better when they were in a base of over 50% organic aloe than in a base of plain water. Water is the most common ingredient in skin care, not because water brings anything to the skin, but because water is the most inexpensive ingredient. Look at the first ingredient in all of your skin care products, you will see it’s almost always water and the first ingredient is usually well over 50% of the content of any skincare product.  We later came upon greenhouse-grown 100% organic aloe. More nutrients could be infused during the growing cycle. These plants are also grown without the need for pesticides, herbicides and the water is recycled. These aloe plants are hand-planted and hand-picked in large temperature controlled greenhouses.  

Why use Hydroponics?
  1. Soil loses its nutrient value over time and can contain plant-damaging disease. Hydroponic plants are grown in water, not soil. The hydroponic method uses balanced plant food that dissolved directly into the oxygenated water so the plant can receive perfect nutrition at all times.

  2. Re-filter the same water, it is not wasted in the soil and the roots are always in water absorbing more plant food and nutrients.
  3. More harvests in a greenhouse; the plants are larger and healthier too.
  4. No herbicides or pesticides and there is no damaging water runoff.
  5. Soil is not able to produce the nutrient levels needed per sq. foot, as the root system is able to take up in hydroponics.
  6. More nutrients are infused into the plant yielding a more effective ingredient, especially when used as the main ingredient in skincare.

    All GUNILLA™ products are based on a minimum of 60% of our hydroponically greenhouse grown, hand picked and hand planted, nutrient fed 100% organic aloe.  You will notice a quality in feel that products using water as the main cannot have. That’s another reason Gunilla of Sweden® is in a class all its own.

Resources: http://www.simplyhydro.com/f_a_q.htm#myth_hydroponics_is_a_new_technology

The hydroponic method of growing plants, such as aloe, uses balanced plant food in a nutrient-rich liquid solution – not soil – with plants growing in temperature and environmentally controlled greenhouse. Hydroponics take the desired amount of food directly to the root rather than making the plant’s roots look for it in the soil. The pH and nutritional value of the water are easily measured and maintained, so plants always have enough food. Soil plays host to many nasty little creatures, while hydroponic growing mediums are inert. Plants grow faster with no need for herbicides or pesticides. The hydroponic method provides more nutrients causing the plants to grow larger and stronger. 100% Hydro-Organic Aloe has vitamins and minerals that help the symptoms of acne and problem skin. Vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, E, along with many more, are contained within Aloe. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that strengthens your immune system and protects your skin from damage while Vitamin E repairs damaged tissues, decreases inflammation, accelerates the healing process, improves blood circulation, and minimizes scar tissue. Aloe also has multiple minerals that help the symptoms of acne and problem skin. One of these minerals is Zinc, an essential trace mineral that repairs damaged skin, accelerates healing, protects skin from toxins, prevents scarring and minimizes sebum oil production. Zinc deficiencies have been linked to acne. Many other minerals that reside in aloe that function as antioxidants.  

Temperature Controlled Greenhouse Grown 100% Organic Aloe Vera

Daily Nutrient Control System for Optimum Plant Quality