Replenish Dull &
Uneven Skin Tones

Dull & Uneven Skin Tone

Heal & Enhance Your
Skin’s Appearance

Dull, uneven skin is a symptom of skin fatigue and stress. Lifestyle factors such as sun damage, pollutants, poor nutrition, and inadequate sleep can wreak havoc on our skin with free radical damage. Hydroponically grown and 100% organic, our rare, super aloe, with its high vitamin and mineral content, is rich in free-radical scavengers that help to effectively stop damage created from oxidation and restore the skins natural radiance and vibrancy.

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Power Duos

Our power duos are hand-selected products that collaborate well
together to enhance and revive your skin. Together, the hand-selected products
work to efficiently and effectively target your skin. Discover which pairing
would work well to complement your skincare routine.

30+ years in the skincare industry

Since 1987, Gunilla of Sweden® is a botanical skin care company that has transformed the beauty industry with revolutionary botanical skincare. Our greenhouse-grown, nutrient-rich, organic aloe is the primary ingredient in our products. Through dedication and research, Gunilla™ strives to educate medical professionals and consumers why quality ingredients in skincare matters.


We Know Our ABC’s

Gunilla of Sweden® has opened up new fields in acne care and anti-aging. Gunilla™ takes claim to the term ABC or Active Botanical Content since we would like our percentage of ABC to be known. With so many brands also claiming to contain organic content without offering a percentage, Gunilla™ had a strong reason for creating the term High-Content Organic since we make no product with less than 50% organic or botanical content.


From Sweden to America

Our founder, Gunilla Nilsson Ross, received her skincare credentials in 1962 after studying in England, Sweden, and the United States. When Gunilla arrived in America in the 1970’s, the skincare market was lacking the organic compounds she was used to in Sweden. A passion for skincare and the knowledge of organic Swedish treatments led her to start her own business in 1987.