Acne & Problem Skin

Flawless Skin,
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Botanical & Organic Treatments for Acne & Problem Skin

Aids Healing, Soothes Inflammation,
Defends Against Breakouts

Clear Skin Begins with Healthy Skin

LEROSETT® products such as our proprietary formulated 100% organic LEROSETT® Clay, botanically based acne cleanser, and oil-free moisturizers and serums help to restore wellness to the skin by working to clarify and nourish the deep layers within. LEROSETT® products are nutrient based containing the amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins your skin needs to help prevent damage associated with acne and problem skin. LEROSETT® is a botanically based and more natural approach to treating acne without the harsh chemicals.

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Our Botanical Acne Kit + Healing Serum treats problem skin, acne, and aids in healing while minimizing scarring.  Naturally medicated with over 65% organic aloe based acne cleanser and collagen-rich healing serum. Plus our 100% organic LEROSETT® spot treatment and clearing mask to quickly absorb impurities deep in the skin, mask, spot treat or sleep treat.

4-6 week supply

LEROSETT® Results and Reviews

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